When it's difficult to be indoors, we know it's kinder outside.

Find and manage small group outdoor-focused activity pods led by parents and professional facilitators.


Think, Outside

Kinder Outside makes it easy for families to join, manage, or host all kinds of pods.

We help you match with like-minded families and pod leaders for a customized outdoor experience.

Unlike baby sitter services or hiring a tutor, our facilitators come from a much wider range of child-focused careers. It’s easy to form a specialized activity pod on Kinder Outside – just browse the facilitator profiles and find one who fits your needs.  Math pod? Check. Dance pod? Lead the way. Toddler pod? Wiggle over here and pull up your pull-ups. We’ve got you covered.


Play Dates Are So 2019

Pandemic pods are the (forseeable) future. Whether you gather your own group of families or enlist Kinder Outside to make a match, forming a pod is one of the best ways to stay safe while staying social.

Our team of vetted facilitators include caregivers, educators, arts, and recreational specialists. They offer continuity of care while maintaining academic, extracurricular, and safety goals for the children in their watch.

3 - 5
Recommended number of families
2 - 10
Recommended number of children
3 - 12yrs
Recommended ages

How It Works


Match with like-minded families who share your risk profile, scheduling needs, and live nearby.

If you already have a group of families, invite them to Kinder Outside and make it easy to manage your pod.

If you need to find a pod, we’ll assist you to meet other families that share your goals.


Browse our vetted facilitator profiles to find a pod leader that meets your needs, whether you need subject tutoring or specialty activities.

Don’t need a professional pod leader? Build a co-op, led by one or more parents from your KinderPod. 


Easily schedule and invite members to your pod’s meeting times and location.

Communicate securely with group and individual messaging, share documents, and manage pod resources in one place.

Simple monthly subscriptions make it easy to pay for your pod.

Why Kinder Outside?





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Let's Go Outside

Pods are now forming for Fall 2020.
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