Host a KinderPod

Share your outdoor space with other like-minded families. Feel confident that your children are close by, cared for, and most importantly, having safe fun!


Pick Your Pod

Learn more about the two types of KinderPods you can host.

Co-op Pod

Facilitated Pod

Hosting Requirements

Must be willing to provide access to drinking water, bathroom and sink.

If outdoor space contains a pool or is in close proximity, there must be a locking childproof fence around the pool.

If outdoor space is adjacent to a natural body of water, public building or parking lot, additional security measures must be taken to contain children, such as gates or temporary fences.


You are not required to provide any equipment when hosting a pod, other than the great outdoors! 

You are welcome to arrange for additional shade structures, seating, tables, and or play equipment, as long as all members of your pod are in agreement.

We encourage pods to set up their spaces according to their needs, and do not provide any company-owned equipment.

Enjoying the Outdoors

We recommend that pods stay outside as much as possible to maximize the benefits of outdoor time, and minimize any exposure risks. 

With proper clothing, children can enjoy all the elements and a wide range of temperatures.

If inclement weather occurs and it is too cold or too hot to stay outdoors, it is up to each family within the pod to determine their participation in indoor activities.

Host a Pod