About Kinder Outside

Built on top of AllayWCM's care management platform, Kinder Outside is more than pod matching.

When Allay set out to solve the biggest life-cycle related problems facing families, we knew that our platform need to handle a range of situations. We were prepared to put it use in early 2020 for healthcare, but we weren’t able to do it right away.


Because our founder is a parent too. And like many of you, once Covid-19 hit, her childcare closed its doors for several months. She was stuck. Stuck with the tools to solve a problem, but no time or brain space to make it happen.

Why now?

Because our founder is a parent too.  And 6 months is a looooong time to have no childcare.

The Team

Marla Schuchman

Founder and CEO

Patrick Veverka

Lead Developer

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1100 Exploration Way

Suite 302x

Hampton, VA 23666